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3 Ways To Get More People To Vote.

Why I’m against “online voting” and how pro-voter policies, such as: “Automatic Voter Registration”, “Voting by Mail” make voting easier for all of us. Vote this November 6, 2018 and use your vote to create change in your community.

Renewable Energy – Save Money with Less Pollution.

Climate Reality volunteers are looking for grant money to create campaigns around our climate crisis.The target audience for the “Climate Truth” campaign is voters in states where the elected officials are in denial, skeptical, or apathetic about the need for climate action.Bottom line, we don’t need people to “believe” in climate change, we just need them to act in certain ways to create a livable future for all of us.

United Resistance.

For an amazing encapsulation of Trump’s 100 days in office, check out Dave Pell’s post here. Some highlights include: Day 5: Trump signs executive orders to allow construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. (By the time he’s done, there will be an...

Lego Activism.

Teaching my niece, Mia and nephew, Liam that the world doesn’t revolve around having or getting more stuff  (ie. Legos, stuffed animals, etc.) can be an uphill battle. Both Liam and Mia were born in the 21st century and climate change will drastically...

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